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Nitriding is a thermochemical treatment of surface enrichment, nitrogen and ammonia in ferritic steels phase on. This is achieved by introducing into the material itself the aforementioned elements.

High Pressure Nitriding

Today it is beginning to use a new technique in vacuum ovens, called HIGH PRESSURE NITRIDING, because its application is between 2 and 20 bar pressure.

This system has the advantage of working with new clean technologies, whereby the surface quality of the vacuum  High Nitriding pressure treated parts is excellent.

Besides  the cleaning that provides this technique applied in vacuum ovens, we want to emphasize the reduction of processing times, the possibility of nitriding small pieces and “in bulk”, as the elimination of problems for nitriding any holes that may need anti-wear parts.


1. Cleaning provided us by this technique applied in vacuum ovens.

2. Processing times Reduction

3. The nitriding small parts and ” in bulk” possibility. 

4. Problems elimination for nitriding any holes that may have anti-wear pieces need.

Horno de Nitruración Alta presión
Nitruración Alta presión
Capas de Nitruración
Nitruración Alta presión
Variedad de piezas Nitruración Alta presión


Like the rest of nitriding process this new process – UNIQUE IN SPAIN – gives steels and iron foundries high surface hardness with a tenacious diffusion and therefore, is also focused on solving problems of friction, wear, fatigue, breakage, etc. It also solves the following problems than other nitriding techniques can not do:

High surface hardness for all steels, even for highly alloyed and stainless, without dimensional deformations and smooth friction, wear, fatigue, breakage, etc.

Shorter treatment compared to conventional gas nitriding, with an approximate 60-70% reduction  Good relationship between chamber volume and useful space. precleaning minimum required.

Obtaining specific layer structure by process optimization. Possibility of surface post-oxidation that gives a higher corrosion resistance.

More uniform layer on complex parts with holes and / or small cavity compared with the ionic nitriding and low pressure.

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We specialize in manufacturing serial middle and high volume as well as heat treatments and finishes, including CNC turning, bar turning, milling, drilling, tapping, broaching, grinding, frosted, heat treatment, parts up to 2 m induction hardening, ball mill, coating, etc.

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APRIM is established in 1965 with a core activity focused on the manufacture and machining of parts and assemblies destined for the Automotive Industry and Transport, APRIM then begins production. Over time, APRIM has evolved to offer a wide services diversification including manufacturing and assembly kits sets with not only mechanical components, also pneumatic, electric, electronic, etc.