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The gas cementation is a thermochemical process that is performed to alloy steels and non-alloy with a carbon content less than 0.25%, comprising three stages:

  1. The first is subjected to an atmosphere rich in carbon at a temperature between 850ºC and 950ºC.
  2. In the second parts are subjected to tempering with cooling in oil or air, depending on the steel.
  3. The third is subjected to low temperature tempering for adjusting hardness and stress deletions.


Disponemos de Hornos TQ9 y TQ7 con capacidad de carga de hasta 2 toneladas.

Controlados autonomamente

Se realizan gráficos control 100%

Cargas hasta de 1000 kg

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We specialize in manufacturing serial middle and high volume as well as heat treatments and finishes, including CNC turning, bar turning, milling, drilling, tapping, broaching, grinding, heat treatment, induction hardening of parts up to 2 m, ball mill, coating, etc.

Cementación y Temple

Our history

APRIM is established in 1965 with a core activity focused on the manufacture and machining of parts and assemblies destined for the Automotive Industry and Transport, APRIM then begins production. Over time, APRIM has evolved to offer a wide diversification of services including manufacturing and assembly kits sets with not only mechanical components, also pneumatic, electric, electronic, etc.