APRIMcelebrated on 19 and 20 June 2015, in their own facilities, the50th anniversary its foundation, with a program of events aimed at families, friends and important customers and partners of the company.


At 19:30 of the first day, all prepared to receive guests: carp, showcases with representative products, balloons, flowers, … and colleagues from Aprim willing to welcome all the guests as scheduled.


A photo report with lived history since our foundation was available to all on different screens to brighten up the waiting until the cocktail start.

The audience was also surprised with the presentation of a book entitled “A family legacy” witch tells the story of APRIM and highlights the company facts and values.

The fascinating history of these years is available.

A FAMILY LEGACY is a comic edited and designed to showcase our history and deepest values and inspire new and future generations.

A Family Legacy | APRIM 50th Anniversary

Throughout our history we have had significant milestones that have established us as the industrial services company more flexible machining and heat treatment of our country. Being able to manufacture components in our facilities with lots of different operations.

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At 8:00 everyone went to the tent and began the cocktail. More than 200 guests enjoyed a delicious cocktail prepared and served by Embassy, prestigious restaurant in Madrid.


A few words of Maria Angeles Navarro tribute and remembrance to the founder and the most significant people in the 50 year history of the company and a toast for APRIM charged with emotion, memories and desires of continuity and success, culminating a day to remember.

+1 day

An endearing Open Day was held on the second day. Workers came with their families, along with collaborators and friends.

It started with a picture to remember. All located to draw 50 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of APRIM and share a day of coexistence among all callegues and even retiree reunion

+1 day

After a visit where they could freely tour the facilities, meet and enjoy the company all, even the childs who had a explanations of  their parents work.

Then an appetizer was served to regain strength. The celebration culminated in a new toast to all whose efforts and dedication have helped successfully Aprim to celebrate its 50 years of presence in the industry.

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