Manufacture high precision components to meet the needs of our customers, exceeding their expectations, with quality products, with punctual deliveries and competitive prices.

Zero discharge

  • ISO 14001 Certification – Environmental Management System

  • Thermocompression Treatment Plant for Treatment and Reuse of Liquid Waste

  • Underground Solid Waste Evacuation System – Chips

  • Centrifugation and Reuse of oils and coolants

  • Use of Clean Energies

  • Recycling of all types of Waste

  • Gas Extraction and Filtering Systems.

Safe and Healthy Environment

  • Mandatory use of Protective Equipment, PPE.

  • Noise absorption and attenuation system.

  • Adapted lighting

  • Heated Warehouse

Vision and Values

Maintain and consolidate current clients. Winning clients from the National Market and promoting the International Market.

  • Maximum quality

  • Minimum Terms and Costs

  • Environmental care

  • Training

  • More efficient industrial process
  • Advanced Productive Means
  • Integral service

  • Productive flexibility

gas controlled atmosphere furnace control


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