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What certifications does APRIM have?2021-05-17T11:55:00+01:00

APRIM has the most demanding certifications. In the automotive sector, in addition to the ISO 9001 APRIM has the IATF16949 certification (latest version of ISO TS 16949). To guarantee the protection of the environment, APRIM has the ISO14001.

What delivery period does APRIM offer?2021-05-14T15:41:43+01:00

APRIM offers the shortest delivery period in the industry. Speed and flexibility thanks to the great experience that gives us to produce more than a thousand different references per year. No downtime thanks to having heat treatment and grinding operations integrated into our facilities.

Does APRIM charge for making manufacturing offers?2021-05-14T15:37:28+01:00

No. APRIM studies your projects and offers their best price for free.

How does APRIM guarantee the quality of its products?2021-05-17T11:56:27+01:00

APRIM has a policy of zero defects in its products. APRIM has control systems through analysis in its own laboratories with the latest measurement technologies. APRIM also has collaboration agreements with external laboratories to carry out different types of tests.

What equipments does the APRIM quality laboratory have?2021-05-14T15:32:52+01:00

Regarding machining, APRIM has all the general means. It also has three-dimensional laboratory and workshop devices, profile digitization, optical measurement of axis, probes and laser sensors for automatic measurements, roughness meters, etc.
Regarding the heat treatment, APRIM has a spectrometer, durometers, crack detection devices, microscopes, etc.

Can APRIM produce PPAP reports of first samples?2021-05-14T15:24:07+01:00

Yes, APRIM offers complete PPAP reports for homologation of your components.

Who are APRIM’s main customers?2021-05-14T15:56:19+01:00

APRIM’s main customers are the VOLKSWAGEN group (SEAT, MAN, SCANIA, etc), John Deere, Deutz, MUSASHI, Air Products, Talgo, Navantia, Knorr-Bremse, Daimler, OTIS, Thyssen Krupp.

Can APRIM mark your products?2021-05-14T15:16:32+01:00

APRIM offers among other technologies the laser marking of Data Matrix DMC codes to offer total traceability.

Does APRIM offer 8D reports for non-conformities?2021-05-14T15:05:37+01:00

APRIM responds to non-conformities within 24 hours. A multidisciplinary team performs the analysis to determine the root cause and eliminate the problem.

Does APRIM manufacture prototypes?2021-05-14T15:04:28+01:00

APRIM is capable of producing small batches or prototypes in short terms and at a competitive price thanks to its complete in-house service.

What materials is APRIM capable of machining and treating?2021-05-14T15:52:05+01:00

APRIM has extensive experience with all types of materials. The materials most used by APRIM are bar or forging steels, such as 16MnCr5. As well as other special materials for heat treatment. Stainless steels are also widely used by APRIM.

Many of our pieces are made of other materials such as Aluminum, Brass or plastic.

What CAD files does APRIM engineering work with?2021-05-14T15:33:26+01:00

The files we work with include the formats STEP, IGES, DXF, and STL.

In what industries does APRIM have experience?2021-05-14T14:58:55+01:00

APRIM works for leading companies in all industries. Our clients are in the sectors of Automotive, Agriculture, Medicine, Construction, Railway, Energy, Defense, Aeronautics, Naval and Services.

Where is APRIM located?2021-05-14T14:58:21+01:00

Our full address is:
Av. Recomba 1 y 3,
28914, Leganés (Madrid)

How long has APRIM been on the market?2021-05-14T15:56:50+01:00

APRIM was founded in 1965, which implies an accumulated experience of more than 55 years.


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