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Anniversary, APRIM Celebrates 50 years after its founding

APRIM these days celebrates its 50th anniversary with commemorative events for the families of their workers and their customers and key partners.

Highlighting its familiar character in these celebrations, APRIM founded in 1965 by Guillermo Navarro Rego and today under the responsibility of the second generation, like, in these events, honoring those who have made possible his successful career, bringing his work from his youth retirement.

It is also a good opportunity to introduce the members of the third generation of the family. Some are already a reality in APRIM and reaffirm the continuity of the company, providing excellent preparation and showing a momentum and an efficiency that ensures that along with the rest of the team, about 70 people, APRIM can continue establishing itself as a leading company in various sectors of the industry, both nationally and internationally.

Cocktail 50th anniversary

We celebrate 50 years with our partners

Friday, June 19 at 7:30

We held a cocktail celebrating the 50th anniversary of APRIM in our facilities.

Open Doors 50 Anniversary

We celebrate 50 years with our partners

Saturday, 20 June at 11:00

We held an open day for families and friends.