At ALTA PRECISION INDUSTRIAL MECANICA SL (APRIM) we are developing an expansion project that consists of creating a “SYNCHRONIZING CROWNS MANUFACTURING LINE”.

The main objective of this project is to implement an automated line of high production of synchronizing crowns, this type of two-pointed crowns are components of gearboxes in the automotive sector with more complex geometries than a conventional gear, they require tolerances below 0.02 mm and require highly specialized and powerful machinery, both for their manufacture and for quality and temperature controls during their development process.

The project is under development and its completion is expected in 2021, its execution has been developed with the help of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, and co-financed by the European Union (FEDER Funds) through the R + D + i Operational Program by and for the benefit of the Companies -Technological Fund 2007-2013.


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