About us

APRIM is an IATF 16949 certified supplier of precision machined components for various industries

We specialize in mass production of medium and large volume as well as heat treatments and finishing, including CNC turning, milling, drilling, threading, broaching, grinding, heat treatment, induction hardening of items up to 2 m, ball-milling, coating, etc.

APRIM uses a wide range of materials: metals and no metals.

Since 1965, APRIM has thrived by focusing on providing its customers with high efficiency and the best quality. We put our experience to work for you. Manufacturing expertise combined with state-of-the-art technology helps reduce costs and improve quality.

Cada año, fabricamos más de 1000 referencias de componentes completamente diferentes


We strive every day at all levels

We care.

We are a company aware of the importance of sustainable development and we are fully committed. For this reason, our facilities use renewable and clean energies that do not harm our natural resources.

Zero discharge

Treatment Plant for Thermo Compression Treatment.

Zero discharge

We use Clean Energies and Recycle all kinds of Waste.


Underground Solid Waste Evacuation System - shavings.

Automatic Management

Gas Filtering and Smoke Extraction Systems.

We reuse

Centrifugation and Reuse of oils and coolants.

We reuse

Reuse of Liquid Waste.
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About us, know our history.

Guillermo Navarro
Guillermo NavarroFounder
He received professional training at C.A.S.A. (Getafe), he started working in the industry in 1946. Mecanig was established in 1959 and finally, in 1965, he founded APRIM.

APRIM was established in 1965 with a basic activity focused on the manufacture and mechanization of parts and assemblies destined for the Automotive and Transport Industry, APRIM then began its production. From the beginning, the founder of APRIM knew how important the response capacity had by proposing a company in which all the processes and treatments that any piece could take were integrated.

Over time, APRIM has evolved to offer a wide diversification of services that includes the manufacture of kits and assembly of sets with components not only mechanical, but also pneumatic, electrical, electronic, etc. A continuous desire to improve and a constant concern to stay ahead of the times has led APRIM to be one of the leaders in the Services sector and to have the trustand recognition of its Clients.

Since 2005, it has modern facilities, equipped with the latest advances and designed in detail to achieve maximum efficiency throughout the production process. These facilities are especially outstanding with regard to caring for the environment by having all kinds of systems for recycling, reusing resources and treating waste.

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Our sales according to sectors

Automotive 45%
Aerospace, Rail, Naval & Defense 9%
Farming 38%
Construction 3%

Full service

The simple but rational structure of APRIM offers its customers a complete and global service, from the purchase of the raw material to the delivery, including machining, treatment, coating and assembly. Also, during the industrialization stage, the quality of the product and its traceability are guaranteed.


The firm’s experience includes advanced production techniques, varied and innovative, ranging from the design of tools and tools to the study and improvement of the process and logistical means.


APRIM collaborates with its clients from the moment of conception to the sale of their products through sales management and the study of production methods, time scale and costs.

Customer satisfaction

Knowing that the future of the company is based on the satisfaction of its customers and progress, this implies giving more than expected. Time, Cost and Quality.

Installed in the Future

Through Knowledge, Technology and Quality.