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On January 18, 1965, when he founded the company Alta Precision Mechanics Industrial S.L. (APRIM), Guillermo Navarro Rego culminates an idea that began 25 years earlier as First Officer Turner in Construcciones Aeronáuticas S.A. (CASA).

Today, 50 years after its birth, APRIM reflects the philosophy of its creator. Like him, APRIM is immersed in a constant learning looking evolution and continuous improvement.

With the family as the basic pillar from the beginning, a third generation of young people is incorporated to the company continuing the legacy of its founder.

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Guillermo Navarro Rego born in Parla on 13 November 1923. He was the youngest of six children of Alberto Navarro Juana Santos and Rego Gálvez.

When he was onlyt hree months old he lost his father. His only brother, Alberto, died fighting in the Civil War when Guillermo was fourteen.

At that moment it became the “only man in the family” feeling responsible for her mother and her sisters and exerting some upward between his nephews, with whom in some cases he had a few years of difference.

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At the time of Civil War, Guillermo, along with most of his family, travels to Reus, place where the company in which his brothers in law work (CASA) had moved its facilities.

In Catalonia, the family supports several difficulties reaching move to France for a few months. In late 1938, they decided to return to Getafe where all are hosted in three adjacent houses.

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In 1940 Guillermo begins his learning at CASA. Thanks to his energy and initiative at age 21 is already First Officer Turner.

In 1946 he is leading the workshop trainees. There warns that house needs external collaborators and buy a crank turning installed in the family home kitchen. The whole family, her mother, her sisters implies, even his brothers in law that help with the orders.

In 1948, determined to prosper, acquired 2 plots in Jose de Calasanz street in Getafe where he built his first workshop and thus founded in 1950 Mecanizados Guillermo(MECANIG).

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Due to the success of MECANICO Guillermo leaves CASA. Encouraged by him, his nephew Alberto Rodriguez Navarro, former apprentice of the same company, following in his footsteps joined MECANIG 15 years.

In 1953, Guillermo Navarro Rego marries Teodora Serrano Galeote a young girl of a wealthy family of Getafe. Teodora is an intelligent woman who always support Guillermo in all its projects.

Soon after, with a production of 40,000 pesetas per year, MECANIG expands for the first time. In 1954, the marriage has her first child called Maria de los Angeles. In 1955 born their second daughter Maria del Pilar.

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That same year, Guillermo buy a local in the area of Mendez Alvaro in Madrid and a lot in Getafe. In this plot, build a block of buildings with premises and homes for family and workers.

MECANIC makes its second expansion with annual production of 100,000 pesetas, time at which also starts working for Pegaso.

In 1958, MECANIC (which already produces 1,150,000 pesetas per year) needs to be extended for the third time. By then Jesus Galvez, employee of the company, becomes Guillermo´s confidant.

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MECANIC in 1959 moved to the newly built premises and homes are released. Guillermo gives up part of the facilities of San José de Calasanz to his friend Pablo Sacristán to make airplane models. In the remaining part MECATER it is established, dedicated to heat treatments and serves as a great complement to MECANIG activity.

Cecilio Del Peso Antonio Martin and Alberto Sanchez Navarro, another nephew of Guillermo, stand out in the company at that time.

Guillermo was born in 1960, the third son of Guillermo and Teodora, which all emphasize the strong resemblance he has with his father. With this son, Guillermo, who spent his childhood surrounded by women, see overwhelmed their happiness and ensured the continuity of its name.

In 1962, together with entrepreneurs such iconic companies like John Deere Ibérica (Iberian Lanz) or CARSA (Kelvinator), Guillermo enters in the compensation board of the industrial estate “The Rosón” Getafe. Get awarded by them with a plot next to Kelvinator that exchange, with great skill, to other placed in a prime location: in the first line of the Carretera de Toledo.

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On January 18, 1965 on the grounds of the Toledo road, 11,800 km Alta Precisión Preción Industrial S.L. constitutes. (APRIM) disappearing MECANIG name.

ARONA the name of the old Getafe workshop stays on charges of Alberto Rodriguez Navarro and becomes a kind of branch of APRIM.

Jacinto Jimenez and Santos Ruiz are incorporated as apprentices in the company and together with José Moncada, Teófilo Rodríguez, Epimenio Bridges, Antonio and Emilio Navarro, José Luis de la Torre, Sebastián Eagle, Evaristo de la cruz or collaborations as estimable as Angel Merino, contribute to APRIM further progress.

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Guillermo is still very active the following years creating among other companies as SACAI (Sociedad Automóviles de Importación) in 1970 or BAR SU COCHE in 1971.

In 1973 the section of ovens that exist within APRIM, TRATEGAL is formed and separated from Aprim. Jesus Valdeolivas, who became responsible for quality, Antonio Laso, who was his replacement at the helm of the tools and now is in the administration office, or Urbano de la Cruz, current head of the section of automatic lathes, join the company in recent years.

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In 1978 the company buys, along with a multi-spindle automatic lathe, a ship in Torrejon de Ardoz.

During this summer Guillermo Navarro (son) uses his university holidays to work and learn the APRIM operation. His sister Pilar, in turn, translates instructions of the new lathe.

With this acquisition, APRIM gets a new customer, Manufacturados Metálicos, and opens a new sector: the hospital industry.

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Gradually begins to occur in APRIM a generational shift. Like his brothers Guillermo and Pilar, Maria Angeles Navarro, the eldest daughter of Guillermo and Teodora, had begun to help during summers in the family business.

In 1971 Maria Angeles Navarro, helped by Jacinto Jimenez takes over APRIM accounting , job she combines with her university studies.

After a break in Brent Ibérica, in 1979 definitively incorporated as an assistant director of the Administration Department of the company.

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In June 1981, during the course of a visit to donate blood for a sick family member, Guillermo Navarro Rego was diagnosed chronic leukemia.

In July 1981, at 27 years, Maria Angeles Navarro, helped by the team responsible was in the company, it takes over APRIM. These include Julio Esteso as Technical Director, Jacinto Jimenez Ruiz Santos in Administration and Santos Ruiz as head of the Technical Office.

On December 31, 1984 Guillermo Navarro Rego dies. The businessman had spent the last years with his family, retired from APRIM but following his career whenever his illness allows him. That same year his son Guillermo, newly graduated from ICAI, works all that he can in the company.

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Until 1985, APRIM had followed the path marked, working 80% for Pegasus. Since 1972 the turnover is increased without getting into new activities but innovating and investing in new machinery to be more competitive.

Maria Angeles, buys 2 numerical control lathes. They are the first to enter APRIM and not have instructions but thanks to business professionals as Octavio Fraile, is achieved to apply this technology.

In 1986, Guillermo Navarro Serrano officially joined APRIM integrated into the Technical Office with Santos Ruiz.

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APRIM continues its commitment to new technologies in the production area and in management. The company is computerized and computer programs that improve business control are used.

APRIM continues its upward march and in 1987 it is necessary to expand the facilities to include 2,300 m2 a production hall and a office building.

In 1989 Pilar Navarro leaves his position as Product Manager in Nutriben in the Alterlaboratories and joined APRIM in the area of Marketing.

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In 1990 marks the 25th anniversary of APRIM. New offices and machinery shown are showed, is mounted a tent, and a party for customers and a meal is held with all staff of the company.

A Swedish company Industrial Automat plans to buy the company, something that has no interest APRIM. Although finally it plans to create a new company to sell parts manufactured to customers in the rest of Europe.

Meanwhile the Spanish government negotiates the sale of Pegasus (main customer APRIM) to a German company MAN.

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Also in 1990, APRIM, is chosen as “Innovative Company of the Madrid Region” to attend a fair in Paris with the then president of the Madrid Region, Joaquin Leguina.

Guillermo Navarro Serrano travels to Sweden to learn more about the possible partner of APRIM, Automat Industrier.

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In a few months IVECO is who eventually buy Pegasus and launches a product that uses a different technology, losing APRIM all products which manufactured before.

Born Altron (Sociedad Internacional de Alta Precisión Mecánica S.L.). Guillermo Navarro Serrano holds the position of sole director.

In 1992, Maria Angeles Navarro and Jacinto Jimenez, representing the company, negotiate with Octavio Fraile Jose Linares and Enrique Garcia to get APRIM and TRATEGAL from a situation that can lead to both bankrupt. In 1993 we proceed without remedy the termination of certain contracts and employment regulation.

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Since 1994, APRIM opts for diversification, looking for work in new sectors and regrows. Year after year sales are exceeded.

The profits are reinvested in the company premises were renovated and high efficiency equipment is incorporated. Thanks to the support of the Economic Council of the Region of Madrid and its plans to improve productivity and industrial innovation and the support of IMADE and projects to improve quality processes.

APRIM get various achievements in terms of quality: in 1994 the “Certification Quality System” according to UNE EN ISO9002: 1994, in 1997 the “Standard Certification” ISO 9001 or 1999, “Standard” PECAL / AQAP 120 that allows manufacture defense products.

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In 2002 the “Urban Plan” of Getafe forces APRIM the purchase of two plots in Leganés to move APRIM and TRATEGAL as soon as possible.

In 2003 the construction of the new home starts, but due to the inability to meet deadlines for the inconvenience of environmental nature of TRATEGAL, it was choosen to buy in a Fuenlabrada polygon an heat treatments industr that would close and TRATEGAL was moved instantly.

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In January 2004 APRIM celebrated the laying of the first stone in the presence of family members (including third generation), friends like Jose Luis Sanchez of Pegaso and closest collaborators.

They are coming back to the business family as Alberto Rodriguez, Guillermo Sacristan and Jose Antonio Torres, among others. Jesus Galvez, the former confidant of Guillermo Navarro Rego, also attends the event.

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In 2005 APRIM finalizes the sale of Getafe land where the old facilities were located and, whithout stop producing at any time, proceed to the transfer sections.

In addition, this time is used to enhance the marketing: the company logo is updated, the website is renewed, new catalogs and brochures are created and the company attends the fair in Bilbao with a new stand.

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In October 2005, coinciding with the celebration of the APRIM 40th anniversary, the new headquarters were inaugurated. Mayor of Leganés participate and the facilities were blessed by the Vicar of the Getafe Diocese.

All scheduled events are geared to both customers and potential customers APRIM. held a cocktail , speeches are made and a tour of the facilities is done.

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In 2008, with the intention of getting new customers and consolidate existing an “open day” which is matched to the General Madrid fair is held.

It is about attracting customers from a booming sector in those moments: Renewable Energy.: In these events the new generation of the family is already involved. Guillermo Navarro Sanz (Pilar Navarro son) and Jorge Navarro Rico (Guillermo Navarro Serrano son)

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In 2009 APRIM goes one step further in its already high level of quality and get the “ISO TS 16949 Certification Q” that certifies them as a manufacturer of high security parts for the automotive industry.

Also APRIM is audited by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products and that gives APRIM the CE marking for the manufacture of medical devices.

These distinctions served APRIM to get the approve certificates for specific customers such as Tyssenkrupp.

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2009 is a year of great activity in APRIM; the company began major projects R & D + I for companies such as Mondragon, Ormazábal or Airbus for which, in particular, manufactures and installs antennas for measurement tests boundary layer and were tested on the plane A-340.

In 2010, with the desire to open up to Europe, APRIM attends the prestigious Frankfurt show “Turn & Mill Tec”.

At the middle of this year Maria del Carmen Jimenez over from his father, Jacinto Jimenez, after his illness and subsequent death.

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It is also in 2010 when, on a constant commitment to technology, APRIM get new financing through the Region of Madrid: buy new turning centers that optimize production, improve competitiveness and reduce energy consumption and saves lubricants.

In 2011, TRATEGAL that, unlike APRIM, is accusing the current global crisis merges with APRIM.

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In 2012 the transfer of all the equipment and staff of TRATEGAL is completed, new furnaces and technology were incorporated and facilities were inaugurated.

After the success of a new “open day” with large numbers of customers and family involvement, the three brothers Navarro (Maria Angeles, Pilar and Guillermo) decided to establish the foundations for the future and excited elaborate a family protocol to help the next generation to the preservation and development of the legacy of his grandfather.

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Until the end of 2013 all is well in APRIM: there is so much work and a benefit pay is given to workers. But due to global economic circumstances, its positive trend is slowed.

Begins a significant step of professional retirements in APRIM of pleople thar have been working in the company all of their lifes and welcome young and skilled people. Santos Ruiz gradually started his retirement.

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In the present APRIM, which started business focusing on the manufacture and machining of parts and assemblies for the transportation and automotive industries , has evolved to offer a wide diversification of services to important and recognized customers .

Thus, APRIM is present in many industries: Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Agriculture, Electronics, Naval, Construction, Automotive, Services or Railway.

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APRIM also offers the constumer a service that ranges from obtaining raw materials to final delivery. All product liability is assumed, reducing costs and delivery times .

Similarly, it is a company with complex and advanced technical resources and a young but experienced and great professional value template.

APRIM is also seriously conscientious whith the environment creating a factory with zero waste.

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The goal of APRIM has been always look as accurately as possible and the highest quality products. Scrupulously applying the maxim “Zero defects, continuous improvement and total quality”.

For this, the company meets the highest international standards and requirements and has implemented a management system that ensures it.

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With incorporations like Guillermo Navarro Sanz, Guillermo Navarro Rego grandson, Company founder, APRIM strengthens its familiar character.

Installed in the future and overcoming all difficulties, the company is now celebrating the 50th anniversary of his proud about his birth and grateful about their workers, customers, suppliers and partners and ready to start a new and promising step forward …

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